About WT. Tools

WT.PROTOOLD CO.,LTD 擁有超過 25年的五金和手動工具經驗,成立於 2010 年,專業設計和生產五金工具,我們的大部分產品出口到歐洲、美洲和其他國家。

我公司在研發活動中投入了大量資產,採用現代化的生產和檢測設備,控制生產和管理水平。 我們不斷努力創新新產品以滿足我們的客戶。 每個季節我們總是有新項目,我們推出新系列的硬件工具,也做 OEM 和 ODM。 我們相信可以成為您需要的優秀供應商。

WT.PROTOOLD CO.,LTD has more than 25 years experience in hardware and hand tools and power tools, established in 2010, specialized in designing and producing hardware tools, most of our products are exported to Europe, America and other countries.

Our company has invested a lot of assets in research and development activities, adopted modern production and testing equipment, and controlled production and management levels. We are constantly striving to innovate new products to satisfy our customers. Every season we always have new items, we launch new series of hardware tools, also do OEM and ODM. We believe that we can be an excellent supplier for your needs.

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